Showing: Case studies for Mentoring

ELECTRIC Mentoring ™ - our new accredited mentoring training programme

This short article explains the design philosophy behind our EMCC accredited ELECTRIC Mentoring short course.

Mentoring supervision - what is it and why should organisations invest?

Supervision has long been regarded as an activity associated with counselling and coaching but it is becoming more popular with organizations who have implemented mentoring programmes. But what is it and why should organisations invest?

Top 10 questions we get asked about mentoring programmes

We are regularly asked questions about mentoring and mentoring programmes, so we thought that we would capture the most frequently asked ones and share them with you.

How to build a business case

You’ve seen the transformative power that CAM has had on an individual or team and you’re keen to spread that more widely across the organisations but you’re going to need a watertight business case. This article will provide 3 simple tips.

Making Mentoring Manageable

Mentoring has become an increasingly popular development initiative used by organisations to to address various talent pipeline issues but many perceive it to be complicated and time consuming - Katherine Ray argues why it doesn't have to be.