Showing: Case studies for Consultancy

Where does the need for resilience end and the need to adapt begin?

One of our wonderful Associates, Ruth Simpson, explores the question of whether coaches, leaders, teams and organisations are spending too much time focusing on resilience when they should really focus on adaptability.

What are the differences between average and great leaders in management consultancies?

Our Head of Coaching & Consultancy Graham Clark shares his experience of working as a management consultant and explores the role coaching and mentoring can play in improving line management and leadership capability in the sector.

What impact does organisational change have on coach-mentoring implementations?

Coaching is an investment in future as well as current performance and resilience for your organisation. Understanding these changes and their impact on the implementation of coaching and mentoring initiatives is crucial, read this to learn more.

What is a coaching culture and does your organisation need one?

In this extended article, our Director of Coaching & Consultancy, Graham Clark, explores what a coaching culture is, whether it is desirable for your organisation and how you might go about it.

Getting & Maintaining Senior Sponsorship for Coaching & Mentoring

Here are tips from 3 chapters of the third edition of Coaching and Mentoring: Practical Techniques for Developing Learning and Performance for getting the buy in and visible support of senior leaders in your organisation