Why have we created an accredited mentoring training programme?

Quite simply organisations are wanting to invest in making sure their mentors know how to do mentoring properly, ethically and safely. As mentoring experts, we know the skills you need to have effective mentoring conversations to build this capability. We also know how to develop these skills, we've been doing it for years.

Following the success of ELECTRIC Coaching ™ we have taken the same methodology, and the same easy to use framework to create a short-burst accredited training programme that will build necessary mentoring skills within your organisation. It’s called ELECTRIC Mentoring ™.

Since launching ELECTRIC Mentoring ™we have already run it in-house for a global technology services provider who wanted to provide their self-selected mentors with not only a rigorous training programme but an accredited one which served as a reward to them for volunteering to be a mentor. Having run ELECTRIC Mentoring ™ in-house we have decided to make it accessible to the public and we are running our first open ELECTRIC Mentoring ™ programme starting in April 2018.

What does the programme look like?

The structure of the programme comprises some pre-work including a pre-recorded webinar, 2 x 1-day workshops which includes an assessed practice session, a section on mentoring supervision and concludes with a telephone assessment. The programme is support by a Learning Pathway which enables you to log all your mentoring practice, learnings and exercises online

Who is it for and what are the benefits?

This programme is best suited for:

  • Anyone in an organisation who is interested in becoming a mentor and developing their mentoring skills.
  • Leaders/managers who have done informal mentoring who are looking to formalise their mentoring approach and style.
  • A group of individuals who have been identified as mentors as part of an internal mentoring programme and who are looking to be upskilled.
  • HR professionals who may not have line management responsibility but are likely to have conversations to support others in the workplace.

For more information and to book your place on ELECTRIC Mentoring please follow this link.

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