Are you looking to use coaching and mentoring in your organisation to boost performance and achieve your strategic goals?

If so, you need to speak to us. We’re the coaching and mentoring experts.

The OCM offers world leading consultancy services, resources and skills development in coaching and mentoring.

We’re also a bit different from many other coaching providers.

How? Well, for a start, we want to put ourselves out of a job. No, seriously, we do.

We believe in the power of coaching and mentoring to transform performance, but we’re also realistic. Buying external expertise is expensive, and in challenging economic times, budgets are tighter than ever.

So we think a bit differently. To maximise your return on investment we aim to build capacity and potential within your organisation rather than make you dependent on our services.

We offer accredited training and qualifications to help you create your own team of coaches and mentors. We even offer training in supervision for coaches. We will link our training to your organisation’s strategy to give it strategic purpose and make a tangible impact. For example, if developing future leaders is a strategic challenge for your organisation, coaching and mentoring can be an excellent way to develop the leaders of tomorrow. As a result, coaching and mentoring in your organisation would become cost-effective and self-sustaining.

When we train coaches and mentors we build our approach around recognising and valuing the unique needs and preferences of each individual. We guide people through simple practical structures within a robust framework of best practice.

As a result, the coach that emerges will be authentic to that person and will develop a unique style that fits them, the situation, and the context and culture they work in. So, your coaches won’t be robots. They’ll be themselves. And a bit different. Like us.

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