Our team of expert coaches and mentors have a wide range of knowledge and experience which you can access to support you in:

  • Tailoring and design of coach-mentoring skills and practice development for internal coach-mentors and leaders, including access to our Learning Portal on line resources;
  • Creating and implementing selection processes for your internal or external coaching and mentoring teams;
  • Designing and implementing client matching processes for your coaching and mentoring pools, including use of our on line Coach Selector;
  • Constructing and implementing measurement processes to check quality, assess value and gather organisational learning from your coaching and mentoring investment;
  • Developing coaching and mentoring policies, procedures and resources to meet your strategic goals;
  • Designing and supporting team coaching to support team development needs;
  • Building and implementing coaching services to support your learning programmes and initiatives.
Featured case study

What are the differences between average and great leaders in management consultancies?

Our Head of Coaching & Consultancy Graham Clark shares his experience of working as a management consultant and explores the role coaching and mentoring can play in improving line management and leadership capability in the sector.

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