What we do

We work with organisations to design and implement strategically aligned mentoring programmes. We provide an end-to-end service that ensures clarity of purpose, world class stakeholder training, clear processes for selection and matching, effective measurement of outcomes, high ethical standards and efficient support/programme management. We work to internationally recognised best practice mentorinng standards to provide a consistent and globally accepted benchmark of good practice mentoring.

Why develop internal mentoring capability?

Effective mentoring is widely regarded as one of the most effective ways of supporting the development of your people. When properly managed and delivered with skill, internal mentoring can be especially effective at meeting organisationally specific challenges. It can become a cost effective way of meeting your strategic objectives and delivering sustainable competitive advantage through your people.

Why work with The OCM?

We are mentoring experts with a proven track record of delivering results in a variety of sectors across the globe. We attribute this success to our focus on measureable impact and working systemically with our clients by linking our work to the strategic objectives. We share our experience and expertise to guide you through a structured process ensuring the desired impact is understood, the processes for effective management are in place and the skills we develop are fit for purpose. 

We offer a number of services:

  • Creating and implementing effective strategy
  • Providing innovative training 
  • Selection and matching
  • Effective evaluation
  • Support and management (including online management tools).

Please contact our Head of Mentoring Katherine Ray to discuss how we can help you create a world class mentoring prorgamme.

Alternatively, why not have a look at our ELECTRIC Mentoring programme to see how we might build mentoring capability in your organisation?

Featured case study

How are organisations using mentoring to address business & people challenges?

Mentoring is increasingly being used by organisation to help solve complex human resources challenges. Through a series of case studies our Head of Mentoring, Katherine Ray, explains how we have worked with our clients to help them solve them.

Mentoring offerings

ELECTRIC Mentoring™ - Establishing Effective Mentoring Relationships

ELECTRIC Mentoring is the sister programme of the hugely successful ELECTRIC Coaching programme. Ideal for those who want to develop best practice mentoring skills and add rigour to their mentoring practice

Mentor & Mentee Webinars

Short webinars for anyone who is or will be performing the role of Mentor or Mentee in their organisation and are time-limited for mentoring training.

Half Day Mentee Workshop

This half day workshop is for anyone who is or will be a Mentee in their organisation.

Half Day Mentor Workshop

A half day workshop for anyone who is or will be performing the role of a Mentor in their organisation and are time limited for mentoring training.

One Day Mentor Workshop

A one day mentor workshop for anyone who is or will be performing the role of Mentor in their organisation.