Anna Mclean

Meet our specialist:

Anna Mclean:

The OCM Business Coach

Responsibilities: I'm a Coach-Mentor Supervisor (CMS) to candidates undertaking our qualification programmes, workshop delivery, and Executive Coaching with corporate clients.  As a Business Psychologist I have particular interest in positive psychology and strengths-based approaches. I am also interested in the role psychometrics play in raising awareness and enhancing the coaching experience. I’m passionate about working with people so that they can be at their best.

When I’m not at work:  It’s less about work-life balance, rather ‘whole life’ balance for me. I love learning, being stretched and challenged – anything from getting to grips with a new model or framework to completing a 100km night bike ride or marathon distance hike. Family, friends and my local community are central to this – they are never far away from the action!