Much of our work with top leaders focuses on sharpening self-awareness and mindfulness in service of more authentic and powerful leadership.  We help leaders to develop more accurate empathy across both individuals and groups, and to manage their impact in line with their intentions.  Client goals often include increasing resilience and the capacity to work in challenging situations with graceful adaptability, minimising the emotional and physical toll on themselves and others. 

Our team of coach-mentors who work with top leaders are experienced leaders themselves and bring understanding, insight and credibility to their role, often providing mentoring as well as coaching support.

We always work systemically, and with leaders at this level we frequently use mapping and constellations approaches to allow our clients to work with the whole system in coaching conversations.  Many contracts include a ‘feedforward’ which gives leaders clear sight of their current impact on key stakeholders and the changes that would deliver most payback to the organsiation.

Expand or collapse meA typical Senior Leader Coach-Mentoring programme

Our coach-mentoring is always flexible and pragmatic – it is vital for Senior Leaders that coach-mentoring work is shaped to be effective for their particular needs and circumstances.  The majority of clients at this level contract for a 6 to 9-month programme, focussed on specific developmental or performance objectives.  However, many will work for 6 months or less and some contract with us for a year or more’s mentoring and coaching support. Meetings are usually face-to-face, at the client’s place of work for 90 minutes to 2 hours – but we have often had coaching conversations whilst walking in the countryside or at art galleries and frequently use telephone, video and web links to accommodate clients’ busy schedules. 

Expand or collapse meWhat is "feedforward"?

Feedforward is an integral part of The OCM’s coaching approach, designed to enable our clients to gather and amplify insight into their impact on their environment. Specifically we explore their current impact as a leader; the strengths that they need to invest and build on, their potential for improvement, and their greatest opportunities to add to their success, to the success of their team and to the success of their organisation. The individual client, together with their coach, will identify from 6 to 10 stakeholders to provide input for the feedforward. This will almost certainly include their manager, members of their team and key peers or clients. 

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