Executives in key management roles shape the motivation and performance of the organisation. Their performance is fundamental to success both now and in the future.  And they are the key talent pool for top leadership.

Our coach-mentoring is always appreciative and solutions-focussed, essential for this stage of development where successful managers may loose confidence and creativity - leaking talent and innovation from the organisation. Challenges that limit satisfaction, performance and potential may include the shifts:

  • from direct accountability for achievement of goals through my team to creating success through the energy and capability of others, and
  • from command and control to influence and persuasion in a complex environment. 

Much of our work with executives focuses on increasing clients’ understanding of their own preferences, styles, strengths and values, as a foundation for developing confident, resilient and authentic leadership.  Coaching conversations often address key ‘blockers’ and limiting beliefs, and we support executives to develop greater mindfulness and resilience.

We frequently explore and deepen the appreciation of existing feedback; and we may sharpen this through a ‘feedforward’ approach. Through a deeper appreciation of others’ differences, and greater flexibility of style we enable executives to be more effective influencers and leaders across the range of people, contexts and cultures they encounter.

Expand or collapse meA typical Executive Coaching Coach-Mentoring programme

The majority of our clients at this level contract for a 6 month programme, focussed on developmental objectives and goals, which are set and reviewed in a 3 way process with a manager or sponsor. Meetings are usually a mix of face to face  and virtual coaching to suit the schedule and preferences of the client and their organisation. 

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