The future of your organisation is its talent, and your reputation for building and supporting the potential of your people will be a key part of your employer brand.

Our coaching team can work with your learning programmes, supporting high potential talent in key stretch roles or to consolidate formal learning in on-the–job practice.   The coaching relationship provides a safe space for ambitious and capable individuals to lay the foundations of self-awareness and adaptability. In particular we work with this group to lay  key foundations for future success:

  • developing their capacity to coach and to self-coach,
  • providing tools that enable effective personal adaption to change
  • working on an authentic style that is effective in engaging others.

Our coach-mentoring is always situational; for this group in particular it is important that they get the right mix of appreciative support and challenging coaching to make the most of the development opportunities they have, and maximise return from your investment in talent.


Expand or collapse meA typical Hi-Potential Coach-Mentoring programme

The majority of our clients at this level contract for a 6 month programme, focussed on supporting programmes of development.  Developmental goals are set and reviewed in a 3 way process with a manager or sponsor. Meetings are usually a mix of face to face and virtual coaching to suit the programme and the preferences of the client and their organisation. 

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