We believe great supervision is developmentally focussed, situational in style and provides a good blend of support with challenge. We also want it to be cost effective so that everyone can benefit - no more excuses for not having a supervisor or passing off cosy chats with fellow practitioners as effective supervision.

We believe "Practice Net" meets these requirements. We're trialling a new approach to working with a group of likeminded professionals who share a desire to grow and work ethically.

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Expand or collapse meWhat is the purpose and who is it for?


  • on-going personal and professional development
  • co-created inspiring and challenging reflective space
  • time efficient quality supervision to maintain practice standards and stakeholder value

Who for?

Any trained, qualified or accredited coach and mentor

Expand or collapse meWhat are the benefits?
  • Well-constructed supervision within a trusted ‘Net’
  • Multiple perspectives and diverse feedback
  • Fresh ideas, challenge and support
  • Safe space to share experience and challenges to ethical integrity
  • Easy access using skype or similar
  • OCM managed log of ‘Net’ supervision hours
  • Cost effective  
  • Led by a suitably trained supervisor, therefore helps prepare you for accreditation - EMCC EIA
Expand or collapse meWhat will I experience?
  • stimulating content owned and shaped by the group
  • positive commitment from each member
  • clear boundaries on confidentiality and participation
  • frequent reviews to ensure quality, capture application and influences
  • sustained vigour and challenge - after 2 years in any one Practice Net, you will be invited to join with others and create a new Practice Net with a different supervisor.
Expand or collapse meWhen does it start?

We operate a queing system and you will be contacted when we reach minimum numbers.

Our next Practice Net sgroup is likely to be in September 2018


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