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Ruth Simpson

Ruth Simpson

Associate Coach-Mentor

Email +44 (0) 1869 338989

Ruth enables people to respond and adapt to change.  As a consultant, very experienced coach-mentor and facilitator, she works in organisations with individuals and teams. Her corporate and consulting background means she has an in-depth understanding of the  pressure and challenges facing individuals in organisations. She has over twenty-five years’ experience working with Senior Leaders and at Board Level. This includes working with leaders one to one and in their teams, as they navigate transitions or lead and implement change. She also has experience of delivering leadership development programmes and coach training.

Initially sceptical about coaching, in terms of what it is, how it works and what difference it can make, Ruth is passionate about expanding knowledge in the field. Aligning her practice and research interest, she is currently conducting PhD research exploring group coaching for the transition to senior leadership positions.


Ruth works with individuals and teams to:

  • Drive through and enable change at individual, departmental and organisational levels
  • Release the energy required to improve levels of resilience and adaptability to improve productivity through disruption and change
  • Gain clarity and set direction to achieve required outcomes and results
  • Transition to Senior Leadership and Board level roles and sustain outstanding performance
  • Develop effective collaborative ways of working that benefit individuals and their organisations

Examples of Ruth’s client work include enabling a Board to develop focus and find clarity in a crisis situation, embedding new cultures and ways of working within teams and organisations and helping teams prepare to and then implement change. On an individual level she has worked with a number of leaders to thrive as they take on new executive roles, specifically as they take on more strategic responsibilities and develop collaborative practices. Clients in the private sector have included BAE Systems, Pfizer, Boots, Vodafone and L’Oreal, as well as small financial and design companies. In the public sector she has worked with board members and senior leaders in the NHS and the FCO.

Ruth Simpson

When I'm not at work

In the summer I love open water swimming and in the winter skiing. Whatever time of year it is, I really enjoy a good cup of coffee and can be persuaded to do a wicked rendition of Barry Manilow’s Copacabana.