About us

Selecting a partner in coaching is about trust – trust in our values, in our competence and our credibility.

Since starting in 1998 in Oxford, England, The OCM have become international providers of coaching and mentoring qualifications and skills training for both organisations and individuals. Our holistic and practical approach creates consistently effective coaches and mentors, whether we are accrediting specialist coach-mentors or developing coaching and mentoring skills as part of a leadership or managerial style.

We have built on our established position as one of Europe’s premier providers of coaching and mentoring training and accreditation to provide integrated coaching services in support of our corporate clients’ strategy, including providing specialist leadership and strategic coaching to individuals and teams in senior roles. We work in the UK, Europe and increasingly internationally both directly and with partner organisations.

Our story

Our Story

We have expertise in two broad areas: delivering coaching and mentoring services to our client organisations, and delivering qualifications and training in coaching and mentoring.  This combination gives us a strong understanding of the world of business and the challenges facing senior leaders; and at the same time, a strong technical understanding and great capability in coaching and mentoring.

Approximately 50% of The OCM’s business currently comes from delivering executive and one-to-one coaching, mentoring, team coaching and consulting. The remaining 50% comes from bespoke training courses, qualifications, and leadership development work which has a strong coaching and mentoring emphasis.

Currently, just less than 75% of our work comes from private sector organisations and just over 25% from the public sector and not-for-profit clients.  Approximately 85% of our work comes from organisations in the UK and the remaining 15% is delivered in Europe and the wider world.

We work with client organisations in a broad range of sectors.  In the private sector, the majority are FTSE 350 or equivalent sized organisations.  We have a particular emphasis on Financial Services, FMCG, Retail, Technology, Utilities and Professional Services firms.In the public and not for profit sector we are currently working with NHS trusts, universities, local government and several charities. 

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Meet the coaches

Meet the coaches

Coaching experience: Qualifications at Senior Practitioner level (usually) and experience in a diverse range of coaching situations.  Strong evidence of investment in Continuous Professional Development and personal supervision. Strong commitment to ethical practice and safe practice and deep awareness of own strengths and limitations as a coach.

Business acumen: experience in business leadership at a senior level, as well as fluency with company financials and experience of setting company strategy.  Experience of leading through change and transformation

Interpersonal insight: a good level of empathy and understanding of others, including the ability to understand and relate to a wide range of different personality types.  Insight into organisational dynamics and politics, influencing and stakeholder management.

In addition we look for a clear USP (Unique Selling Point) in our coaches – a particular ‘sweet spot’ in their coaching practice which is the area in which they add the most value. 

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