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The demands and expectations on leaders are greater than ever before: we are expected to take on more, achieve more with less, be accountable for our own development and become more resilient just to stay ahead of the curve.

​​​​Teams often lack time to invest in developing meaningful relationships and mutual understanding. This means that teams may under-perform or find themselves expending energy but not driving outcomes.

Organisations often struggle to achieve return on investment in the time, effort and money invested in change initiatives. This is usually because investment has focused on clarifying strategic objectives and on creating new processes and structures without giving people the capabilities and support they need to drive change forward.

​​​​All too often, organisations spend large amounts of money on coaching and mentoring without a clear understanding of the results they are looking to achieve or of how the organisation’s needs are likely to evolve over time.

Case Studies

Working with Sodexo

We are currently working with Sodexo, a global facilities organisation in their UK & Ireland businesses to develop their coaching capabilities to drive engagement and high performance.

Working with Royds Withy King

We are currently working successfully with a large law practice, Royds Withy King, to support their future growth and development following a recent merger.


Feedback Works Webinar

Graham Clark joins Feedback Works as a Guest Speaker to discuss building a coaching culture and how feedback supports this.

Demo and Webinar

Explore the Coaching Professional Apprenticeship Programme with a live demo of our Learning Platform.