Individual performance and development

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Help leaders meet personal goals and organisational expectations

The demands and expectations on leaders are greater than ever before: we are expected to take on more, achieve more with less, be accountable for our own development and become more resilient just to stay ahead of the curve.

The net result is that no matter how talented and determined we are, our individual performance can fluctuate and become unsustainable. As for our personal development, focusing on the areas that would help us perform better and achieve more is all too often put on the back burner due to time and work pressures. The consequences for the organisation are a waste of talent and potential.

Do you recognise these challenges?

Coaching and mentoring provides people with the space to stop, think, reflect, learn and plan how they can perform to the level expected, up their game, become more resilient and focus on their development areas, resulting in them being more effective and realising their full potential.

  1. Leaders struggling to meet expectations or goals, or take responsibility for their own development
  2. Lack of clarity, accountability, engagement and commitment to organisational purpose
  3. Ineffective role transitions with high risk of failure
  4. Low resilience and adaptability including burn-out or stress
  5. Talent and future leaders not identified or realised

How can we help?

Our off-the-shelf and bespoke programmes are well placed to develop the behaviours needed to make your organisation stronger, more capable and more adaptable. 

Suitable for individual contributors, team leaders and managers

who want to work on their Personal Development Plan which is related to how they think, behave and impact on others.

Suitable for senior leader & managers

who are in or are preparing for transition to a new role

Suitable for senior leaders including Board members/C-Suite

who are creating or leading change in complex environments

Suitable for managers and leaders

who want to work on their effectiveness and impact

Suitable for Senior leaders including board members and officers

who want to work on their leadership impact and presence and who be face a particular challenge that requires them to work in ways that are either outside of their comfort zone or demand a greater flexibility of style and approach then they can currently offer.

Do you want to improve your organisation?

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you solve your challenges, please get in touch to arrange a call with one of our experts.