Suitable for senior leaders including Board members/C-Suite

who are creating or leading change in complex environments

This type of person in these roles often means that investment in skilled and objective external support and challenge is valuable. The flexible nature of the contract allows leaders to call on the support as and when it is needed.

Not suitable for: those contracting for a period of structured coach-mentoring around a particular challenge or development – e.g. those in transition to a new role, or addressing a need to shift their impact or leadership presence.  These are more effectively supported through one to one or embedded coach-mentoring offers.

Outcomes/Benefits: Sustaining performance and resilience in key roles, ongoing informed challenge and support both to support leadership performance and to keep a focus on key personal development issues.

Delivery Team: Senior delivery team – leaders who are experienced at leadership mentoring and hold European Mentoring & Coaching Council Master & Senior Practitioner level Accreditation

Location: Global – remote (Skype) coach-mentoring is a very applicable media for this contract, commencement meetings if held should be face to face.

What is the process?

This offer is often a follow on to a successful coach-mentoring relationship, and the coach-mentor and individual may know each other well at commencement. If not we suggest an additional 2 hour exploratory meeting as shown below.  Included in the cost of this package is access to a Facet 5 psychometric at no additional cost.  We offer this ‘Big 5 motivator’ approach as it provides a contrast and extension to the self-awareness provided by other tools and is particularly applicable to senior leaders looking at issues of self-management and team effectiveness.

Indicative investment

12 hours Leadership Mentoring - £10,300 + VAT & Expenses


  • 12 hours call off coach-mentoring & Facet 5 - £8,650
  • Kick off 2 hour meeting if needed (new client) - £1,650

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