What is a coaching culture?

In a coaching culture, most staff use a coaching approach in their daily life – with each other, and with external stakeholders and with customers. A true coaching culture is just ‘part of the way we do things around here’. But there’s also a hard edge to it.

A coaching culture is about delivering results, improving performance and making the most of people’s potential. The emphasis is on delivery and helping each other (and the wider organisation) to be more effective. It’s NOT about having coaching conversations for their own sake, or as a diversion from other activities.

If you could be a ‘fly on the wall’ in a place where there’s a coaching culture, here’s what you’d see:

● Managers looking for opportunities to help others to learn

● People asking each other open questions to develop shared understanding of the situation

● Employees at all levels having open, honest and supportive conversations with one another

● A focus on innovation at all levels of the business – from strategic to operational

● People routinely giving one another supportive and critical feedback, even when it’s difficult

● Managers coaching team members to help them develop, rather than just to tackle poor performance

● Senior leaders with a clear vision that coaching and mentoring are at the heart of how we work

● Teams working with clear goals, roles, processes and relationships

● Relatively few people will be ‘playing politics’

● A pragmatic focus on results. And at the same time on building the long-term health of the business.

● And above all - people know when to coach – and when not to

Creating a coaching culture

In our view, there is no ‘one size fits all’ coaching culture.  To change a business culture, we must build on the existing culture and must – above all – make sure it supports the business strategy.  So every organisation’s coaching culture will be unique, and always evolving. 

When we work with our clients to create a coaching culture, we first work to understand where the business needs to go and what staff at all levels need to be doing differently in order to get there. 

What's our approach?

We have a unique methodology for doing this – where we partner with you to understand:

  1. What the current culture is
  2. How this impacts on your strategic capacity
  3. What would an ideal culture look like? How would that help?
  4. What are your best people already doing that embodies your desired culture now?
  5. We take a range of perspectives: Look Up (link to your strategy and governance), look down (impact on your people), look out (impact on customers and external stakeholders), look forward (desired/future need), and back (what’s already happened)

What we'll deliver

We then create a road-map for the evolution of your coaching culture

And a detailed implementation plan for how you can get there – drawing on a range of coaching, mentoring and development interventions – led and delivered from within your business wherever possible

We create a plan for influencing and managing key stakeholders and opinion-formers

We detail the metrics you’ll use to track your progress

Please contact Graham Clark to arrange an initial consultation to discuss how we can partner with you to change your culture.

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