Coaching & mentoring services for individuals

Since 1998 we've been providing market leading coaching, mentoring and supervision qualifications, skills training and services to individuals across the world.

We passionately believe in transforming individuals by developing them as coaches, mentors, supervisors and leaders to make their clients and the organisations they work for stronger, more capable and more adaptable.

There are a number of drivers of our longevity and ongoing success

Credibility - as a founder member of the EMCC, we have retained a close relationship and remain one of their most experienced and trusted providers of professional coaching, mentoring and supervision qualifications and accreditation. 

Trust - we create great, authentic relationships where we take time to really understand each individual, providing  a mix of support and challenge to create a fantastic learning experience. 

Values driven - we actively seek opportunities in the not-for-profit, educational and public sectors that enable us to channel coaching and mentoring to worthy causes.

Expert - we invest in our people and our ability to research and push new insights into coaching, mentoring and supervision practice globally.

Find out more about the products and services we offer in these four main areas: Electric coaching skills courses, accredited coaching qualifications and courses, CPD workshops, and supervision.

ELECTRIC Coaching -  coaching skills courses for leaders and managers



Coach-mentoring qualifications - a range of EMCC accredited courses

EQA qualifications

CPD Workshops - for coaches, mentors and supervisors


Workshops throughout  the year

Supervision - qualifications, individual and group sessions



121 Supervision