What we offer

We are premium partners of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) and deliver a number of different accredited qualification and training programmes for practising or aspiring coaches, mentors and supervisors. These include:

Foundation Level Coaching and Mentoring qualifications accredited with an EQA (European Quality Award)

In our ELECTRIC Foundation level qualifications we teach people to have great coaching or mentoring conversations, using core skills and practical approaches, including our own ELECTRIC model. These qualifications are a great option for managers or leaders or anyone with responsibility for others at work.

- ELECTRIC Online (20 hours)

- ELECTRIC Coaching (25 hours)

At Foundation level we also offer the Certificate in Coach-Mentoring (50 hours) – here, we teach people to have a formal coach mentoring relationship with clients over several sessions and our candidates have one to one support from one of our own coach mentor supervisors

Practitioner Level Coaching and Mentoring qualifications accredited with an EQA (European Quality Award)

Our Practitioner level qualifications are ideal for anyone wishing to develop a professional practice as a coach-mentor, either inside an organisation or working independently.

- Diploma in Professional Coach-Mentoring (150 hours)

For anyone wanting to take a Short Course at Practitioner level, our Certificate in Coach-Mentoring (50 hours) is the ideal choice.

Practitioner Level Supervision qualifications accredited with an ESQA ( European Supervision Quality Award)

-Introduction to the Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring Supervision (50 hours)

And our Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring Supervision (100 hours) are ideal for experienced coaches and mentors who want to complete a practical qualification to develop the knowledge and skills to supervise other coaches and mentors.

How do you choose the right course?

There are many variables but broadly speaking, you should ask yourself a few clarifying questions:

1) What is the purpose of you gaining a qualification/doing more training?

2) Who do you want to be coaching/mentoring at the end of the qualification?

3) What skills do you need to be effective in that role?

4) How much time can you commit and what budget do you have?

If you answered “I want to be a professional coach who works at a senior levels supporting diverse development needs and I am able to allocate sufficient resources to achieve this” then we would recommend a Practitioner level EQA qualification like our Diploma in Professional Coach-mentoring.

Conversely, if you answered “I want to develop some core coaching skills so I can coach my direct reports to improve their performance as part of my existing role” then we would recommend a Foundation level EQA qualification like our Certificate in Coach-mentoring.

Given that each individual is unique, we would recommend arranging a consultation with our Chief Executive Ed Parsloe ([email protected]) to discuss your needs in more detail. He can discuss the best options for you and talk to you more generally about our approach. 

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EMCC Accredited Qualification

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European Quality Award & EIA at Practitioner level

EQA Practitioner Level

European Supervision Quality Award (ESQA)

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