Courses & Qualifications For Individuals

Making individual coaches, mentors & supervisors stronger, more capable & more adaptable.

Today’s complex, interconnected, fast moving, ambiguous organisations need leaders who inspire trust and engage their teams, managing themselves and others with skill and insight.  It needs teams that rapidly and gracefully adapt to change, supporting team members’ performance and development.

Each leader, team and organisation is unique and the most effective mix of coaching styles, tools and positions will be individual to them. At The OCM, we want to develop coaches, mentors and supervisors who are able to have a transformational impact on the individuals they coach and mentor.  We do this by ensuring the coaches, mentors and supervisors we train develop a broad tool kit enabling them – when appropriate - to bring in a broad, strategic focus to the coaching, helping individuals to effect change and collaborate with others to solve broader strategic challenges.

We call this “Situational Coach-Mentoring”.

If you chose to work with us, this is what we will develop in you.