Diploma in Professional Coach-mentoring Supervision

European Supervision Quality Award

Rationale and philosophy of the programme

The OCM has been a thought leader in coach mentoring supervision for business and public sector clients and independent practitioners since 2009. Our supervision team continues to shape the bench mark for good practice in the UK and internationally. The OCM has a reputation for rigour and quality across all their EQA, ESQA and CPD range. We evolve our delivery formats and approaches to keep coaches and mentors on their learning edge.

In supervision ‘one size does not fit all’.

The OCM builds on the best of what works from supervision in other disciplines to create practical and contextually relevant content. Our conceptual basis has Integrated ‘good enough’ and ‘fit for purpose’ supervision informed by good practice research (Hawkins and Schenk, 2006) to achieve ESQA in 2012 with the OCM situational and pragmatic approach into the FIELD of Practice concept in 2018. FIELD of Practice provides the backbone for the ESQA renewal, an accreditation first awarded to the OCM programme in 2012.

The OCM believe that the main purpose of interactive coaching and mentoring supervision is to help practitioners take control and responsibility for the quality and value-add of their practice, build personal and professional capacity and adapt to the changing needs of clients and context.

OCM qualification programmes require self-managed learning (SML) with individuals encouraged to manage their own learning journey. This includes taking responsibility for decisions about what, how, when, where and – most fundamentally – why they learn.

The programme is underpinned by The OCM’s robust and efficient assessment processes, which ensures that candidates both meet and exceed the most up-to-date professional standards within the coaching profession and on which our reputation depends.

Target Audience

The programme is concerned with the development of individuals who wish to gain practical and relevant competence in coaching and mentoring supervision including:

  • Experienced Lead Coach or Mentor developing coaching or mentoring in their organisation and wishing to provide supervision to internal coaches or mentors
  • OD, HR or L&D Managers who wish to increase organisational learning and change
  • EQA holding coaches or reflective mentors wishing to extend their skills and work portfolio
  • Independent supervisors

Scope and Level

The programme aims to give candidates the knowledge, awareness and skills to adapt to contextual and individual needs:

  • provide timely support
  • challenge thinking, bias and ‘taken for granted’ paradigms and behaviour;
  • identify unhelpful or unethical practice;
  • help coaches and mentors develop capacity
  • make a real difference to clients and the wider provision of coaching and mentoring

The qualification is Level 5, EMCC Practitioner.

A potential candidate will demonstrate relevant and current coaching or mentoring experience to EMCC EIA Practitioner or equivalent as a minimum. The programme is guided by the capability indicators in the EMCC Supervision Competence Framework, the Global Code of Ethics and EMCC Diversity Statement as well as taking a wider and evolving approach to develop robust, skillful and effective supervisors in business, public and third sectors.

The programme provides the structure, momentum and encouragement to go on to apply for ESIA accreditation with the EMCC.

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