ELECTRIC Fundamentals

Online coaching course

We designed Coaching Fundamentals as an online programme to develop and improve coaching style conversations in the work place. It uses much of the content designed for ELECTRIC Online®, our accredited coaching skills qualification, providing a range of different learning activities from videos, e-learning, self-assessments, structured reflection and coaching practice.

 The programme is intended to be more light touch and self-managed than ELECTRIC Online®, with approximately 8 hours of learning spread over 8 weeks. It is possible to move through the programme quicker but we recommend delegates take the time to implement what they learn through practice and reflection. The programme is not accredited, but it links to the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) core competences at Foundation level.  

What do you study?

Module 1 – core skills for coaching 

  • Listening 

  • Questioning 

  • Giving feedback 

  • Coaching skills self-assessment 

  • Contracting in Coaching 

  •  Log of coaching conversations 

  • Learning and goals for programme 

Module 2 – introduction to the ELECTRIC framework 

  • Engage 

  • Listen 

  • Explore 

  • Challenge 

  • Target 

  • Review, Insight, Conclude 

Module 3 – practising your coaching skills 

  • ELECTRIC Coaching in action 

  • Practice using model 

  • Reflect on practice 

Module 4 – developing your coaching style 

  • Trust and rapport in coaching 

  • Using challenge in coaching conversation 

  • Ethics 

  • Evaluation and getting feedback 

  • Supervision – what support is available? 

  • Update coaching log 

  • Your learning 

Module 5 – programme evaluation 

  • Programme evaluation questionnaire to check learning  

  • CPD Certificate on completion 

Learning Outcomes

This programme will touch on the following coaching competences: 

  1. Develop an awareness of the core skills for coaching 
  2. Be able to use two accessible and flexible coaching models 
  3. Increased confidence in practising the use of these models 
  4. Have successful coaching-style conversations 
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