Diploma in Coach-mentoring Supervision

European Supervision Quality Award (ESQA)

Next Start Date: 9.30 - 12.30pm on 21st June

What will you achieve?

  • You will complete an accredited qualification, the full programme carries EMCC European Supervision Quality Award at Practitioner Level
  • You will develop the confidence to use a range of different supervision models, tools and techniques.

How will you benefit?

  • You will be able to help practitioners take control and responsibility for the quality and value-add of their coaching practice
  • You will be able to build personal and professional capacity and adapt to the changing needs of clients and context
  • You will benefit from a flexible course structure that allows you to complete the full Diploma in two distinct chunks of learning, a 50 hour introduction followed by a 100 hour follow up module
  • The self-managed learning journey will encourage you to manage your learning journey, taking control of what, when, where and most fundamentally, why you learn.

In supervision ‘one size does not fit all’.


About the course

You can chose to complete the Introduction to Supervision as a stand alone short course or go onto the full Diploma by subsequently completing the additional 100 hours of study.

Number of learning hours

  • Introduction to Supervision - 50 hours
  • Diploma in Supervision - 100 hours.


  • Introduction to Supervision - 3 months
  • Diploma in Supervision - 6 months.


  • Introduction to Supervision - ESQA Practitioner Short course
  • Diploma in Supervision - ESQA Practitioner Short course (Both courses combined carry a full ESQA at Practitioner Level).


  • Introduction to Supervision - £1,725 + VAT (£1,500 for self-funding)
  • Diploma in Supervision - £2,875 + VAT (£2,500 for self-funding).

Delivery format: virtual with live webinars and 121 coach-mentoring supervision

Activities: blend of online/remote delivery including videos, webinars, self-assessments, real supervision practice with 3 volunteer clients, reflection, 121 coach-mentoring, supervision and feedback.

Core components & programme overviews

Introduction to Supervision (50 hours)

The 50 hours of study is made up of:

  • 5 hours of preparation/planning
  • 10 hours of guided practice (2 of these hours are individual sessions with your Coach-Mentor Supervisor)
  • 12 hours of self-managed practice (both individual and group)
  • 23 hours of theory and reflection/review/feedback.

Diploma in Supervision (100 hours)

Before moving onto the this programme  there will be a short briefing, to celebrate what you have already achieved and what you set out to develop next. During this programme you will:

  • work in the role of supervisor with 4-5 supervisees and record a supervision session with one of them
  • facilitate 2 group supervision sessions and evaluation
  • decide whether to write a Supervision Proposal, Practice Statement or Individual Case Study
  • update your PLP and Log
  • maintain your Learning Journal
  • join with a peer supervision group and arrange to meet a number of times during the programme.
Detailed programme overviews below

Target Audience

The programme is concerned with the development of individuals who wish to gain practical and relevant competence in coaching and mentoring supervision including:

  • Experienced Lead Coach or Mentor developing coaching or mentoring in their organisation and wishing to provide supervision to internal coaches or mentors
  • OD, HR or L&D Managers who wish to increase organisational learning and change
  • EQA holding coaches or reflective mentors wishing to extend their skills and work portfolio
  • Independent supervisors

A potential candidate will demonstrate relevant and current coaching or mentoring experience to EMCC EIA Practitioner or equivalent as a minimum. The programme is guided by the capability indicators in the EMCC Supervision Competence Framework, the Global Code of Ethics and EMCC Diversity Statement as well as taking a wider and evolving approach to develop robust, skilful and effective supervisors in business, public and third sectors.

The programme provides the structure, momentum and encouragement to go on to apply for ESIA accreditation with the EMCC

How do I book and what price do I pay?

We run this course in groups of 3; when we have the numbers, we run the course.

You can book online either by credit card or requesting an invoice.

To make coaching and mentoring more accessible for those with less resources, we charge different rates for corporate clients and those who are privately funded.

For us this means people who work for publicly listed or limited companies pay the corporate rate and self-funding individuals, anyone in the Public sector or anyone in the Third sector pay the privately funded rate.

Please respect our values and select the right price for you

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