Coaching Request Form

Request for pro bono coaching

We have external coaches undertaking qualifications with the OCM looking for people to coach (clients), so our aim is to match clients working in Not For Profit Organisations with a suitable external coach in training.

If you are looking for a coach or know someone in the NFP or voluntary sector who might be interested, please complete or share the form and we'll do the rest.

Undertaking coaching requires a minimum commitment of 1 hour per month for 4-6 months, and you will also be required to complete a Personal Learning Plan, some reflection and feedback for your coach in training.

Once you complete the form, it can take some time for a suitable coach to be found, please bear with us.


We will do our best to match you with one of our Coach Trainees working for an external organisation. The Coach Trainees are experienced professionals currently undertaking a qualification with the OCM.

Please provide a high level reason why you are requesting coaching support for your personal development and details of what you hope to achieve from the coaching, remembering to make this measurable.
This information help us to match you with an appropriate coach
Any other Information that you wish us to bear in mind when matching you to your coach.
The Coach trainees are currently undertaking a qualification with the OCM and are not employed by the OCM.

If your form won't submit correctly or you get an error message, please email your answers to [email protected].