How to choose a course

Make an informed choice that is right for you.

This will be one of the biggest decision you make and we want to help you make the right one for you. We have been helping people transition into coaching, mentoring and supervision for over 23 years and have trained almost 13,000 people during that time. During the early years, we helped create many of the accreditation standards, frameworks and processes so we're well placed to help you navigate what can be can be quite a complex market place.

Some of the variables you need to consider and start to understand include:

  1. Governing bodies - professional, academic or other?
  2. Accreditation - your choice will determine your experience
  3. Levels - what level do you need to be effective?
  4. Delivery format - workshops, webinars or blended?
  5. Philosophy, approach, content - do you get a choice or is it prescriptive?
  6. Type/amount of support available - individual or group sessions?



Want some help?

Our Chief Executive, Ed Parsloe, has been helping people to understand how these variables impact on course design and what you will experience as a participant. He can also help you clarify what skills you will need to deliver on your vision for your coaching, mentoring and supervision.

Please use the form below to book a call or email him directly with any questions you have. 

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