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To increase the diversity of leaders, coaches and mentors via funded scholarships

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About the Fund

Our founder, Eric Parsloe, grew up in poverty. He left home at 15 with no qualifications and joined the army. Yet his life was transformed by the opportunity to apply for a scholarship, via the Trade Union Movement, to join Oxford University. He was successful, studied PPE and went onto become President of the Oxford Union in 1970. A successful career in business followed, culminating in him founding the Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring in 1998 (re-branded to The OCM in 2008).

Sadly, Eric died in 2015 but he left behind a wonderful legacy, not only in the company he started but also in the wider coaching and mentoring profession.

Eric was passionate about learning and passionate about how coaching can transform lives if provided with the opportunity. To honour his legacy and to provide others with access to that opportunity to transform lives, we started the Eric Parsloe Scholarship in Professional Coach-mentoring a few years after his death.

2022 Relaunch – a renewed purpose

Eric Parsloe

The Fund’s original purpose was to provide free qualifications in coaching and mentoring for those in under-represented groups who wished to become professional coaches or mentors.

We’re relaunching and extending the Fund’s remit in 2022, so it now also includes access to our Manager or Leader as Coach programmes, to support individuals from traditionally marginalised groups wishing to develop their leadership skills via one of our ELECTRIC Coaching programmes.

We know that becoming a coach is often a privileged choice afforded to those who have the economic freedom gained from a successful career. Due to systemic challenges faced by many from under-represented groups, this choice may not be possible.

We know that developing the coaching skills of leaders and managers is fundamental to improving leadership capability, enhancing career progression and, ultimately, increasing social mobility.

Therefore, our aim is to provide an opportunity for those who wish to use coaching and mentoring skills to increase their leadership capability and/or improve their career progression.  We hope to create a more diverse pool of ambassadors who can act as a force for good in the world through the delivery of exceptional coach-mentoring.

We will select the most appropriate course for successful applicants based on how they wish to use their skills. This might be through becoming a professional coach and mentor or by developing coaching skills that enable them to have more powerful conversations in pursuit of their dreams.

The courses available for funding:

    About the Fund and how to apply

    As you might expect, we take the distribution of funding and the selection of our Scholars very seriously. Eric’s life was transformed by the Scholarship he was awarded and we wish to have the same transformative effect as he experienced. The OCM Board have allocated a percentage of OCM Educate's annual profit to support the Fund's activities. Each applicant will be reviewed individually on merit and the decision to award funding is at the sole discretion of the Board who will meet quarterly to review applicants. 

    To qualify you should:

    • tell us your story and why you think why you'd make a good Scholar;
    • demonstrate how you will use the new skills to support the purpose of the Fund.

    All our courses are very practice-orientated so it's important that you have the opportunity to practice your newly acquired coaching skills either in a workplace context or in the environment you plan to transform. Naturally, we’re looking for someone who is able to fully commit to the course and will complete it in a timely manner. We hope they will go on to achieve great things in their career or coaching profession and continue to honour Eric’s legacy, acting as an ambassador for The OCM.

    If you think you meet these criteria and would like to apply, please complete the form below with a maximum 500-word personal statement that includes your story and an outline of your plan to transform yourself and the lives of others.

    The board will review applications every quarter.

    A Message from Irfan Zaman, a Previous Scholarship Awardee

    Irfan Zaman

    The Eric Parsloe Scholarship has been instrumental in enhancing my confidence and practice in coaching young leaders at the beginning of their careers. Since getting the scholarship and completing the course I have supported young people in many settings, from interns and graduates at EY, apprentices at World Skills UK, and more recently, student leaders in Higher Education. Thanks to the Eric Parsloe Scholarship, the one thing all these young people have in common is that they have benefitted from the type of coaching that is usually only accessible to senior managers in companies. I would not have been able to reach these young people if it had not been for the scholarship.

    Given the global conversations around diversity, liberation, and inclusion I hope to start working with more young community leaders who are working to empower other young people and make changes in society. If you’re thinking of applying for the Scholarship, I would say ‘go for it’; the quality of content, the teaching staff, and the way the course is delivered was both enjoyable and transformational. I’m grateful to the OCM for the opportunity and I hope others can use the opportunity to make a positive impact too.

    Irfan Zaman

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