Diploma in Professional Coach-mentoring

EMCC Practitioner Level Accreditation

The Diploma in Professional Coach-Mentoring course is dual accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). It holds a European Quality Award (EQA) at Practitioner level, and it additionally enables European Individual Accreditation (EIA) at Practitioner level. 

There are 150 hours of study over the duration of the course; these are delivered flexibly over 9 to 12 months. As standard, we teach you not just the practical side of coach mentoring , but also the critical elements such as identifying a personal style of reflective practice, contracting in client relationships, working safely and ethically, handling dependency, working with a range of models and approaches including our own ELECTRIC, to enable you to effectively deliver different types of  coaching and mentoring in different contexts like life, career, skills/performance, change and transition.

Most importantly, through unrivalled levels of 121 coaching, we teach you how to develop your own signature style, how to take charge of your own development and how to use supervision for your professional practice beyond the Diploma. By developing a signature style, you will deliver coaching and mentoring that is aligned to your vision, purpose and values. You will be capable of supporting a broad range of transformations and create lasting impact for your clients. You will be authentic and unique, shaped by us but not defined by us.

I loved the flexibility of the program and especially that there was a lot of freedom to explore through our evidence pieces as well as reflections, this kept me engaged and excited to go through the modules. Additionally I think the facilitated webinars were very well executed and engaging. I felt connected to the rest of the cohort through these.

Sanna Jordanson, recent graduate

Our approach and what makes us unique

1) Our situational coach-mentoring philosophy - simply put, we believe that a coach-mentoring approach creates the greatest impact. Coach-mentors intentionally master a broad toolkit and adjust their style to suit the situation and context enabling them to select the most effective method to support their client rather than being wedded to specific tool or technique. They are pragmatic and not dogmatic. All our courses are underpinned by this philosophy, helping learners develop a coaching and mentoring mindset as well as the diverse skills required to be highly effective regardless of situation or context.

2) We create authentic coach-mentors - as described above, we don't create "cookie cutter" coaches or mentors, learners are a not just another delegate on a course! Instead, guided by our philosophy, we help them develop their own unique approach to coach-mentoring that is authentic to them, their situation and their context. Yes, our graduates hold common beliefs - a strong ethically underpinning, common process tools to manage relationships effectively, a strong belief in CPD and supervision - and our programmes do have core content to develop the required skills at each level but they are also flexible enough to encourage learners to develop their own interests and insights. Furthermore, our coach-mentor supervisors (CMS’s) are highly experienced at guiding learners through their own learning journey whilst keeping them on course to successfully complete the requirements of the qualification.

3) High levels of 1-2-1 support - we provide learners with their own dedicated coach-mentor supervisor (CMS) to guide them through the qualification, consolidate their learning and help shape their practice. Unlike our competitors who mostly rely on group work, this dedicated personal resource ensures that they are stretched and supported in equal measures. We provide this on top of group work, it's expensive but it’s highly effective.

The programme is so much more than I expected. At first, I was rather overwhelmed and unconfident that I could learn. With the great blend of coach mentoring, webinars, online work, videos, feedback, questionnaires etc, it has been amazing and my scores, even at the highest level, don't fully reflect how I have grown in capability and confidence.

Ley Davis, recent graduate

Core content and programme overview

The content and approach detailed below are designed to meet the requirement of our EMCC accreditation, whilst also enabling each learner to develop their own authentic approach.

Study Elements

The study elements for this programme are: -

  • Two books to support the learning
  • 2 mandatory webinars – Psychological Insights, Observed Practice
  • 3 live learning webinars chosen from our open workshop schedule
  • 3 live Action Learning Sets aligned to support the webinar choices
  • 14 hours of personal, 1-2-1 coaching, mentoring and supevision
  • Completing 2 x Personal Learning Plans – one at the start and one at the end
  • Coaching logs, written reflections on own coaching style
  • 2500 Evaluation of Practice report
  • Observed practice
  • Capturing learning from the coaching activities undertaken, through reflection, online activities and in the sessions with their CMS
  • Engaging with a range of online Multimedia resources from the online learning platform.
  • Join our Graduate Network and enjoy free CPD, supervision and networking events.

Mandatory live modules

Briefing webinar

The programme starts with a 2-hour briefing webinar to ensure learners can:

  • Recognise and describe situational approaches to coaching and mentoring
  • Understand the core processes that underpin effective coaching and mentoring and start building reflective skills
  • Confidently explain the learning outcomes and assessment requirements to achieve the qualification
  • Discuss the importance of contracting and how to go about it with your clients.

Mandatory Psychological Insights webinar

In this webinar series we will:

  • Debate the role of psychology in coaching
  • Provide an introduction to personality theories
  • Look at motivation and the part it plays in achieving change
  • Explore boundary management and safe practice
  • Review the Person-Centred Approach as a foundation for coaching
  • Examine positive psychology and the strengths-based perspective
  • Provide an overview of neuroscience and its role in change
  • Have an opportunity to participate in co-coaching in a safe environment to put your learning into practice (Part 3: Optional Action Learning Group)

By the end of this webinar series delegates will be able to:

  • Recognise the relevance of psychology to their own development as a coach
  • Explore the theory and application of key psychological approaches in their own practice
  • Identify areas on the topic of psychology that will provide a foundation for further exploration and development

Mandatory Observed Practice

By the end of the webinar, delegates will have:

  • Completed a 15-20 minute coaching session with a peer candidate, on which they will receive feedback from other delegates and from an experienced OCM Coach-Mentor Supervisor;
  • Have observed and provided feedback on 15-20 minute coaching sessions carried out by fellow delegates;
  • Had the opportunity to explore and reflect on this feedback in a facilitated verbal de-brief

3 Optional live module choices

These remote learning events give learner the opportunity to immerse themselves in an area of specialism or specific interest to their own coaching or mentoring practice. Each compact learning event is run by a subject leader who will be either one of our own qualified professional coaches or associate coaches. Webinars are run throughout the year and individuals will be able to sign up flexibly to subjects most relevant to them.

Content choices include: team coaching; managing coaching and mentoring; unconscious bias & dealing with difference; systemic approaches; coaching models and techniques; coaching in the context of change; coaching technical professionals; habits and addictions; wellbeing and resilience; selling your coaching services.

You can view this page for the full list and published schedule.


Other elements

Individual support

Learners will have their own Coach-Mentor Supervisor allocated (CMS) who will provide a personalised, 2-hour briefing. In addition they will have 14 hours of coaching, mentoring, supervision and feedback spread across the duration of the course. The live sessions are delivered virtually at a mutually convenient time. Learners can use this time as they see fit at any stage throughout the programme.

Coaching Practice

Learners will also be required to formally coach 3 volunteer clients during the programme who will provide detailed feedback on their coaching skills and techniques via an online Client Feedback Report.


Learners are assessed against the Diploma’s Learning Outcomes and the EMCC Practitioner Level Competences. They will be required to produce a series of personal reflections, evidence of their coach mentoring practice, answers to questions on all the competences feedback from their clients and a log of their coach mentoring activity.

The Learning Pathway Platform

We use a platform call the Learning Pathway which manages every aspect of the Diploma programme, providing a single place to go to for guidance, information and resources, as well as where learners will complete various blended learning activities, self-assessments, and produce their written evidence. Learners will communicate and receive feedback throughout the programme via this platform.

There is a wide range of resources available on The Pathway to support learners including: guided learning activities; feedback tools; programme instructions/overviews; messaging features; guidelines and reports; multi-media resources; virtual webinar recordings; handouts; exercises; templates; publications.

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