Coaching Professional Apprenticeship - Fast Track

Free webinar

Listen to Ed and Carl discuss our Fast Track Apprenticeships programme in our January webinar.

Internal coaches can be used to provide support and development to strategically important employees, helping your organisation achieve its goals. We can work with you to ensure your coaching strategy is aligned to meet those needs and you can use your apprenticeship levy to develop the resources capable of executing your strategy. The Coaching Professional Apprenticeship - Fast Track is a condensed version of the Coaching Professional Apprenticeship programme and is specially designed for business professionals and managers who already have some coaching training and wish to extend their coaching capability to professional standard.

The objectives for the session are as follows:

- What does the Coaching Professional Apprenticeship - Fast Track involve and who qualifies?

- Why is it beneficial to organisations, both operationally & strategically?

- How is the programme delivered?