Our approach

How we work with you

Engaging with you in advance of starting the apprenticeship is crucial to ensure the coaches we develop can effectively support your employees, deliver the desired impact for your organisation and create a fantastic learning experience for the apprentices. Feedback and dialogue are vital to this process. To support this, each client is provided with an Account Manager who, alongside being the main point of contact for your internal stakeholder, starts every client engagement by exploring your coaching strategy to ensure that it is correctly aligned to meet your strategic needs. As experts in coaching and mentoring, this is a core competence for us.

Once we have understood your strategy or where you are in your coaching journey, we will then be in a position to adjust our delivery approach (for in house programmes only) to ensure the Coaching Professional programme is developing the right set of skills, tools and techniques in your coaches. For example, if your organisation plans to use the internal coaching pool to help your future leaders’ transition more effectively in your organisation, then we will include specific content on transition coaching to ensure your internal coaches have the capability to effectively support this strategic goal.

Once the delivery approach and strategic focus is agreed, we then work with you to identify the best fit employees to become part of your coaching pool. We work with each apprentice to ensure they understand the required commitment and assess their coaching capability. We adjust our delivery approach by enrolling them on an appropriately tailored programme to ensure no overlap in skill development.

As an apprentice, what are the benefits of our approach?

1) Our situational coach-mentoring philosophy - simply put, we believe that a coach-mentoring approach creates the greatest impact. Coach-mentors intentionally master a broad toolkit and adjust their style to suit the situation and context enabling them to select the most effective method to support their client rather than being wedded to specific tool or technique. They are pragmatic and not dogmatic. All our courses are underpinned by this philosophy, helping you develop a coach-mentoring mindset and the diverse skills required to be highly effective regardless of situation or context.

2) Create your own unique approach - we don't create "cookie cutter" coaches or mentors, you are a not just another delegate on a course! Instead, guided by our philosophy, we help you to develop your own unique approach to coach-mentoring that is authentic to you, your situation and your context. Yes, our graduates hold common beliefs - a strong ethically underpinning, common process tools to manage relationships effectively, a strong belief in CPD and supervision - and our programmes do have core content to develop the required skills at each level but they are also flexible enough to encourage you to develop your own interests and insights. Furthermore, our coach-mentor supervisors are highly experienced at guiding you through your own learning journey whilst maintaining you on course to successfully complete the requirements of the qualification

3) High levels of 1-2-1 support - we provide you with your own dedicated coach-mentor supervisor (CMS) to guide you through the qualification, consolidate your learning and help shape your practice. Unlike our competitors who mostly rely on group work, this dedicated personal resource ensures that you are stretched and supported in equal measures. We provide this on top of group work, it's expensive but it’s highly effective.

This short webinar explains how we could work with you and provides a live demonstration of the apprenticeship learning experience.