Apprenticeships Complaints Policy

The OCM Group Limited is totally committed to quality in everything that we do. The internal process that we have in place for complaints and appeals is a staged approach from informal to final appeal as follows:


In the event that an apprentice wishes to raise a concern, the procedure is for the apprentice to do this informally,  directly with their OCM Coach. The Coach will work collaboratively with the apprentice to resolve the complaint, drawing on support from within the wider OCM team if appropriate. If the apprentice does not feel they can make the complaint to the OCM Coach, the candidate should contact The OCM office on 01869 338989 during office hours. They will then be put in touch with a member of The OCM team who is best placed to assist them.


Formal appeals regarding the outcome of assessment must be made in writing by the apprentice and sent to the Programme Support Manager within 14 days of them being notified of their results. These appeals must include the apprentice ‘s written case and their supporting evidence for their appeal (with specifics), set out against the Learning Outcomes for the programme. A member of The OCM team who has not been involved in the initial assessment will be nominated to handle the appeal. The apprentice will receive a written response with 28 days. For all other formal complaints, an appropriate member of The OCM team will be appointed to handle the complaint. The apprentice will receive a written response within 28 days.

Final Appeal

A final appeal may be made to Charlotte Bruce-Foulds, Managing Director of Coach-Mentoring Training and  Development, against the outcome of a formal complaint or appeal. In the event that Charlotte has been involved in the complaint at an earlier stage, the final appeal would be made to Ed Parsloe, Chief Executive. If the apprentice believes there has been a breach of the EMCC Code of Ethics, the only other course of redress following The OCM Complaints and Appeals Process, is through the EMCC as The OCM is a founding member of the EMCC and abides by the EMCC and AC Global Code of Ethics, which states:

Breaches of the code

EMCC members will at all times represent coaching and mentoring in a way, which reflects positively on the profession. Where a client or sponsor believes that a member of the EMCC has acted in a way, which is in breach of this E MCC and AC Global Code of Ethics, they should first raise the matter and seek resolution with the member concerned. Either party can ask the EMCC to assist in the process of achieving resolution. If the client or sponsor remains unsatisfied they are entitled to make a formal complaint. Complaints will be dealt with according to the EMCC’s ‘Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure’. EMCC Members will provide a copy of this document upon request. A copy can be obtained by writing to: EMCC UK, PO Box 3154, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 3WD Tel: +44 (0) 845 123 3720 email: [email protected]