Code Of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is intended to assist apprentices to understand their duties and responsibilities relating to the Apprenticeship Programme.


As an apprentice you will:


  1. Will provide the main provider with relevant information to assist with learner on programme eligibility checks
  2. Comply with any policies and procedures as outlined in the training plan
  3. Attend all the off-the-job training and workshops (or notify the employer/provider (in advance if possible) of nonattendance
  4. Commit to the learning activities required in each module including self-study and research (to take place in working hours)
  5. Complete any course work, assignments and exams required to achieve the apprenticeship
  6. Assist the main provider for collecting evidence of off-the-job training (where information is held by the apprentice)
  7. Attend and contribute to progress reviews
  8. Agree with employer and main provider when the learning is complete and that they are ready to undertake endpoint assessment
  9. Bring any issues to the attention of the employer/provider, including learning support/health issues that might affect the plan of training.