Statement on the use of Sub-Contractors in Apprenticeships


This statement covers the activity for which the apprenticeships Main Provider is funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) for sub-contracted provision.

It applies to our use of subcontractors in apprenticeships in the 2022 to 23 funding year.


This statement is a mandatory requirement of the ESFA funding rules. Our approach has been developed in line with the ESFA funding rules.


The OCM Group Main Provider team has a commitment to deliver excellence for apprentices and the employer, meeting organisational needs and generating opportunities for employees to develop, progress and excel.

As the main provider, all of our apprenticeship delivery is carried out by the internal The OCM Group team.

As is the requirement, we use approved Independent End Point Assessment Organisations (IEPAO’s) to conduct the End Point Assessments with our apprentices during the final three months of their apprenticeship study programmes.  This element is fully funded by the levy, as per ESFA Funding rules.

The OCM Group Main Provider team seeks to secure value for money in our selection of Independent End Point Assessment Organisations. The cost of which is agreed prior to commencement and is included in the levy payments made via the Digital Apprenticeship Service.

Use of Subcontractors

The OCM Group Main Provider team  has the expertise to deliver the full content and curriculum of our specified apprenticeship programme. We currently only use subcontractors to deliver the functional skills  part of the said apprenticeship programmes.  

Maths and English programmes are provided by our subcontractor, Functional Skills UK (


Reasons for sub-contracting

Outside of functional skills, we do not use sub-contractors. Reasons that we might consider subcontracting in future may include:

  • enhancing opportunities available to apprentices
  • providing wider choice and range of provision for learners and employers regionally and nationally
  • providing wider geographical access for learners
  • to support the strategic aims of our clients
  • maximising content through procurement of specialist or niche provision and expertise
  • offering achievable entry points to disadvantaged learners

Quality assurance programme to be provided if sub-contract delivery is used in future

 The Head of the OCM Group Apprenticeships Team will hold the responsibility for assuring the quality of delivery of subcontracted provision. A regular programme of quality assurance activity will be agreed to monitor provision.

This Quality Assurance programme will include regular checks on the apprenticeship training and on-programme assessment provided by delivery subcontractors, including visits at short notice and face-to-face interviews with staff and apprentices to ensure apprentices and will involve direct observation of initial guidance, assessment, and delivery of training and/or on-programme assessment.


This policy will be reviewed annually and made available here.