Coaching Senior Teams

Short Course at Senior Practitioner (Advanced) Level

Accredited by the EMCC 

Senior Leadership Teams are under ever-increasing pressure to manage high levels of change and transformation effectively. The OCM's Coaching Senior Teams course is ideal for professionally (practitioner level or equivalent) qualified executive coaches or internal coaches who already have some experience working with groups or teams. By upskilling coaches with our specialist training to effectively support teams, organisations can catalyse high performance in both teams and groups.

Our flexible, remote learning Coaching Senior Teams course at Senior Practitioner (advanced) Level gives candidates: 

  • Private access to our online learning platform for “access anytime” learning
  • Three live learning masterclasses will be held remotely, facilitated by our Team Coaching experts
  • One-to-one, confidential, remote coaching support with one of our coaches
  • Opportunity to learn and connect with peers on the course.

This 50-hour short course, which takes place over 9-11 months will hone and develop the special skills and qualities coaches need when working with senior teams.

"There's a sense of satisfaction in knowing that I've acquired valuable insights and competencies in team coaching, which I can apply in real-world coaching scenarios. The journey has been enlightening and has deepened my understanding of coaching dynamics within teams and organisations. Thank you to the team at The OCM for their support and guidance throughout this further step in my coaching journey over the last decade".

Michael Black, President, Struers LLC

"This course has really helped build my confidence as a senior team coach. When coaching a team rather than an individual, there’s so much more to think about and work with. This course has really helped me to understand that. I now have a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a team coach as well as how to set up, manage and deliver an effective team coaching contract. Like all The OCM courses, it encourages you to reflect on what will be best for your clients, whilst also developing self-insight into your own team coaching strengths and style. 50-hours well spent!"  

Recent Graduate, The OCM 

Some courses and development programmes tend to focus on giving the learner tools and techniques, often with little acknowledgement of the human side of being a coach. In our Coaching Senior Teams course, we aim to address the balance.

Working with senior teams can be exceptionally rewarding – you get to have a lasting impact, working first-hand to support, enable and accelerate change. It can also be tough work and test the coach’s resilience and agility. Compared to coaching one-to-one, coaching senior teams multiplies the possibilities and the challenges.

In addition to aligning our content to the EMCC’s Team Coaching Standards, we want you to feel stretched and supported by this programme and our people here at The OCM. We want you to leave at the end of the programme with a level of awareness you didn’t have when you joined us; to feel more knowledgeable, more equipped and more confident when working as a coach to senior teams.



The main value was the well-structured framework of learning input and reflective enquiry alongside the TCQ standards. For me, the learning journey was one in which I could bring all of my experience into focus and spring-board from it. The modular framework provided a robust and truly resonant structure for my learning - it was ALL highly relevant and engaging (as I had hoped for, based on the TCQS's and the research they are founded on).

Sue Gravells, recent graduate of Coaching Senior teams

Learning Modules

Module 1 - Getting Started: Me as a Team Coach

Module 2 - Managing Stakeholders

Module 3 - The ELECTRIC Team Coaching Model

Module 4 - Psychometrics, Experimentation and the Agile Coach

Module 5 - Systems Thinking with Senior Teams

Module 6 - Working with Partner Coaches

Module 7 - Self-Care and Resilience

Module 8 - My Team Coaching Philosophy and Signature Practice

Module 9 - Evaluation and Supervision

Module 10 - Assessment

Dates of next cohort

2024 Programme Starts in September

Download the Programme Overview (above) for the full timetable of learning.

Live Learning Masterclasses:

  • Stake Holder Management and Diagnostics - Tuesday 5th November 2024, 9.30am to 12.30pm
  • Psychometrics and Experimentation - Thursday 9th January 2025, 9.30am to 12.30pm
  • Self-Care and Resilience - Wednesday 30th April 2025, 9.30am to 12.30pm

I have learnt so much about myself and Team Coaching. It is a completely different experience to individual coaching or indeed supervision. It has enabled me to use all of my learning, skills and experience to help others. It is truly rewarding but also complex and challenging.

I like the online approach and the live sessions which complimented the online system; the set-up online was clear and informative and well-structured with clear reference to further reading, and the assessment sections created the ability to build your assessments as you go. It all had a good flow and there was flexibility given to the time scale for completion as the ability to organise team coaching can take some preparation. I really enjoyed the course which has not only extended my qualifications for team coaching but has enhanced my coaching and general day to day operation as a manager of a team and being part of a team and has provided insights that I may not have experienced or gained otherwise.

Feedback from recent graduates

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It's recommended that you book in a call with Ed Parsloe to discuss this programme in more detail. During the call, you can discuss the development of your coaching practice and explore if this is the right approach for you.

You can book in an exploratory call with Ed by following this link.

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