A FTSE 100 Defence, Aerospace and Technology company

UK headquartered with a diverse international presence

A mix of 1-2-1 coaching, consultancy and mentor training

The brief: 1:1 coaching for senior leaders and selected High Potential staff; training and development in coaching and mentoring skills for mission-critical talent pools.

Evaluation process: Use of OCM 180 surveys by the individuals whom The OCM have coached.  Regular Organisational learning debriefs with our key partner in the client’s L&D team.

How we worked together: The OCM partnered with the client in late 2016 to help them shape and re-purpose their coaching processes.  This included work on the coaching process itself - instigating, managing individual coaching contracts, and measuring the impact and effectiveness of coaching over time at an individual and organisational level.  We also helped the client define the criteria for deciding whether or not coaching is an appropriate development intervention for individual employees who have requested coaching.

We have since delivered several 1:1 coaching contracts, mainly at senior leadership level and a small number of high potential staff at mid-level.

We have also delivered training and development programmes for client leaders in coaching and mentoring skills.  We trained a cohort of senior engineers to act as mentors for mid-career engineers as part of an ongoing programme to develop and retain engineering talent in the UK business.

We have also developed and delivered training to leaders in the Finance function in the UK, with two cohorts of 12 leaders trained so far and more to follow

Impact on the business: The 1:1 coaching has received significantly universally positive feedback from participants, who credited it with enabling change to the business that would not have happened without the coaching.  The mentoring programme has been very successful, with all mentees in the programme reporting that the mentors OCM have trained have had a very positive impact on their engagement levels and on their development.

Example of challenges faced and actions taken: The client is a large and complex organisation, with several constituent businesses which have their own subcultures, history, and unique challenges and opportunities.  We needed to make sure that The OCM's coaching and development work would be impactful no matter where in the business it was delivered so we have built partnerships with key HR and L&D contacts in a range of client's businesses.  This helped us understand their unique challenges and the ways in which coaching and mentoring could help – and enabled us to tailor our offering quickly so that we added value from the start of the coaching contracts..

Measuring the impact and effectiveness of coaching over time at an individual and organisational level