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Effective Coaching investment

We can work with you to ensure your coaching investment is effective and offers the returns your organisation needs for success.

If you are trying to understand your current investment, or to design investment in coaching and mentoring to genuinely offer returns to your organisation it is difficult to find your way through the mountains of information and misinformation to reliable guidance on best practice and effective implementation.    We can be your Guides, your Investigators, your Scouts and your Sherpas.

There is a lot written about Coaching and Mentoring, plus there are several professional bodies, all offering standards of practice and accreditations  for professional coaches and mentors.  External coaches and mentors are commonplace in many if not most organisations at leadership levels and leaders and managers throughout the organisation are expected to coach others.

It might be easy to conclude that Coaching and Mentoring is well understood, and easily managed as a part of the everyday activity of people and organisations.  Sadly, this is not yet the case.

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In most organisations investment in Coaching and Mentoring is hard to measure and returns are even more difficult to pin down – whether returns on investment in external coaches, or in training internal coaches, mentors and managers.  

Great coaching is transformational, but like any other investment in development if you don’t have an intention for change or measure impact it is impossible to evidence the value of that change. And providing coaching and mentoring that is great quality is only part of the story – it creates the potential for change but doesn’t ensure that potential is realised in service of organisational purpose, or consistently with organisational values and culture.

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