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Coaching Culture

We can help you turn coaching culture from an idea into a way of working and build an effective and sustainably agile culture.

The more complex and rapidly changing our environment is the more important it is that individuals in our organisation have a shared understanding of its PURPOSE.  Purpose goes beyond strategy to a sense of Mission, it is WHY we exist. 

To live our purpose in a changing world we must be agile, if we don’t adapt, the direction we were heading may no longer be the most effective route; continuing to work with unchanged process, style and assumptions will result in us being blown off course.   


Building agility in both supports transformational change today and reduces the costly process of ‘transformation’ in future by enabling more rapid, flexible response.  A coaching culture is vital to building in agility. Coaching is an ‘equal’ conversation not a directive one – a coaching culture supports curiosity and reflection, and genuine listening.  It challenges assumptions and confronts blind spots to increase awareness and the development of a range of options.  It supports shared learning through experience, testing and finding the best way when there is no one known right answer.    

But a coaching culture won’t just ‘happen’ – it needs to be nurtured and sustained through an investment in the behaviour of leaders who set the tone and the capacity of managers throughout the organisation.   

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