About us

Selecting a partner in coaching is about trust – trust in our values, in our competence and our credibility.

OCM Discovery: Consultancy Solutions

Whether you're looking to build purposefully authentic leadership that can resiliently adapt and lead change, to build an effective and sustainably agile culture rooted in organisational values or simply to understand and benchmark your current investment in coaching and mentoring as a base for improving returns we'll partner with you pragmatically and flexibly to make the real difference that you seek.

Since starting in 1998 in Oxford, England, The OCM Group have become leading providers of coaching. We work in the UK, Europe and increasingly internationally both directly and with partner organisations. 

We've built on our established position in coaching and mentoring services to provide integrated coaching consultancy in support of our corporate clients’ purpose, values and strategy.  We'll work closely with your organisation’s leaders to deliver changes that enable purpose -  including providing specialist leadership team coaching as well as developmental and transition coaching to key talent.   Together with our partner brands we can enable engagement in strategy, and commitment to cultural changes by making sure that coaching and mentoring in your organisation are fit for purpose and fitted to purpose.