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Why partner with us?

Whether we are partnering with you to build purposefully authentic leadership, or an effective and sustainably agile culture rooted in  organisational values or simply to understand and benchmark your current investment in coaching and mentoring as a base for improving returns we will use our coaching expertise and consulting skills to explore with you the real difference you and your organisation can make with coaching and mentoring.  We will use solutions based approaches to find the resources and strengths you already have as well as bringing our perspectives and experience to challenge your assumptions about what is possible.  Above all you can expect a real partnership that delivers pragmatic, fit for purpose solutions that make a real difference. 

Purposeful Leadership


Build purposefully authentic leadership that can resiliently adapt and lead change 

Purposeful, engaged and effective leadership requires clarity – clarity around the why, what and how of leadership.    And it isn’t enough to have a well-crafted piece of internal messaging on Corporate Purpose or Values, real clarity comes when the behaviour and communication that people see day to day from their leaders consistently demonstrates purpose, direction and values.  

We will work with your senior leaders to understand the degree of clarity and consensus that already exists, and working with an approach we call Values Based Leadership we will build real shared clarity and authentic individual engagement.  We will help leaders both individually and as a team to adopt the habits of thinking and acting that they need to develop to live and communicate both their own and the organisation’s purpose.  And we can support them to build that purposeful engagement on others by developing their coaching style and practice through our programmes including ELECTRIC Coaching.

Whether working with individuals or a leadership team as a whole we will coach to build the self-awareness, insight and engagement that purposeful leadership demands. As well as our own Values Based Leadership approach, and team leadership models our team are accredited in a wide range of psychometrics and team tools to support coaching , and we will always work with your existing organisational tools and vocabulary where they are established.    

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Coaching Culture


Build an effective and sustainably agile culture 

Culture is reputed to eat strategy for breakfast.  Which is just another way of saying that whatever you intend to happen, it’s what you do that determines the result.  The habits of behaviour and response in our cultures (just as in us as individuals) are what will decide our futures. 

In the complex, rapidly changing world we live in our capacity to adapt effectively, and without damaging stress, is key to our success.  At the organisational level this demands a culture that can hold fast to a clear purpose whilst rapidly learning together and collaborating effectively to  in response to changing environments.  This learning, collaborative  culture demands a coaching approach to release curiosity and reflection, and to enable genuine listening.  Coaching conversations challenge assumptions and widen awareness,  they open up thinking to ensure that innovative options are considered, testing and finding the best way when there is no one known right answer.  Coaching style and culture promote organisational learning through shared experience and reflection.    

There’s no one right ‘culture’ for every organisation, so there is no one right way to build effective agile coaching culture.  It has to be right for your environment, and created by and for your leaders. Only when leaders have real ownership and engagement will they really commit to consistently building new ways of working and behaving. Our consultants will partner with you to discover what an effective coaching culture really means in your unique situations, and to develop pragmatic, effective interventions to build behaviours and capabilities to make that culture a reality.  

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Focused Coaching Investment 


Understand and benchmark your current investment in coaching and mentoring 

Whatever the reason for your investment in your people and their development you will want to be able to measure and demonstrate effectiveness, and the returns your organisation gets from it.   Whether you want to build  fit for purpose coaching and mentoring in your organisation, or you need to investigate the value your existing investment adds  our consulting team bring commercial and organisational understanding, coaching and mentoring expertise and consulting skill to support and challenge you.  

Like any other investment if you don’t have an intention for change or measure impact it is impossible to evidence value. We will work with you to connect coaching and mentoring investment to the shifts in behaviour and outcome that support your corporate strategy, deliver on talent strategy and/or build an organisational culture that delivers on purpose.  Our team can help you build a coaching strategy,  and to develop truly best practice coaching and mentoring processes and resources.  We can audit your current coaching and mentoring offers, whether internal or external, and make recommendations to improve their effectiveness and safety.  And we can train and supervise external and internal coaches and mentors both to ensure ongoing effectiveness and to gather organisational learning from coaching and mentoring conversations without breaching confidentiality. 

On your organisation’s journey we can be your Guides, your Investigators, your Scouts and your Sherpas. If you’d like to know more please email [email protected] or complete the form below to get in touch and find out more.

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