Building coach-mentoring capability

Developing coaching & mentoring skills

Make change sustainable and ensure your people can deliver on strategy

​​​​All too often, organisations spend large amounts of money on coaching and mentoring without a clear understanding of the results they are looking to achieve or of how the organisation’s needs are likely to evolve over time.

External coaching provides valuable support but bolstering this with in-house coach-mentoring can help leaders to get buy-in and action on larger organisational initiatives. Direct reports and team members need to have a full understanding of what change is required and how they can contribute to achieving goals. To deliver on strategy, team members need a manager who is able to effectively hold them to account through challenging yet supportive conversations.

Do you recognise these signs?

  • Change failing to happen, or strategy not being delivered.
  • Talent deficit or gap, attrition of those in mission-critical roles.
  • Variable degrees of engagement, accountability and empowerment amongst leaders.
  • Conversations and meetings that need to be turned into action.
  • Leaders and managers are not confident to have dynamic, challenging, supportive conversations.

How can we help?

Our off-the-shelf and bespoke programmes are well placed to develop the behaviours needed to make your organisation stronger, more capable and more adaptable. For organisations we provide:

  • Coach & mentoring skills training
  • Coaching & mentoring accredited qualifications
  • Coaching and mentoring supervision

Do you want to improve your organisation?

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