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Developing High Impact Business Partners

Business Partners play an essential role in enabling a business’s core activities.  Whether Business Partners are in Finance, HR, Marketing or other areas, they ensure these Functions deliver what the Line needs.  It’s a powerful role which connects the needs of the Line with the expertise that Central Functions can provide.  When it works well, there are enormous benefits – Business Partners enable the Line to deliver, and ensure best practice, efficiency and compliance.  Organisations thrive when there’s a collaborative, dynamic, challenging and supportive relationship between Functions and the Line – and effective business partners are essential in this.

At The OCM we have a long track record of developing Business Partners through 1:1 coaching and skills training.  We know it can be a hard role to do.  There’s always a balance of ‘enabling’ and ‘safeguarding’ – and the Line do not always appreciate what Business Partners can offer.  It is a rewarding and impactful role, but without support, can sometimes feel like a thankless task, where needs and complaints are expressed loudly, and praise and recognition are thin on the ground.

We have developed a programme specifically for Business Partners which helps build the essential skills and competencies needed to thrive and to deliver on what the Line needs.

I have been partnering with the OCM for a couple of years now as I have taken my team through a journey of significant change. Our focus has been on building trust and team spirit, resilience and courage and also on what a commercial and strategic HR Business Partner should really focus on. My team is much stronger and high performing as a result of these coaching interventions and I couldn’t be prouder of what we have achieved together. Graham and Jenny are incredibly knowledgeable, flexible, quick to grasp the main issues at hand and super friendly. I would recommend them to any leader looking to move the dial with their teams.

Fabiola Thomas Chartered FCIPD, People Director at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence
team with business partner

We offer a series of interactive workshops, combined with 1:1 coaching and mentoring, for teams of Business Partners.  The programme enables participants to build relationships with stakeholders rapidly and build a strong foundation for mutually beneficial partnerships.

The series of practical skills-building workshops covers the following: 

  • Clarifying your vision for how you add unique value as a Business Partner
  • Understanding the business need and context – seeing things from your internal customers’ point of view
  • Essential coaching skills for Business Partners
  • Building trust and rapport with your key stakeholders – the journey to being a trusted advisor
  • Presenting technical information to suit the Line’s needs
  • Influencing strategies
  • Resolving conflict and using challenge effectively
  • Managing your own presence and resilience.

We run a series of 3 workshops over a 2 month period which can be delivered in-person or remotely.  Or we can run workshops as one-off sessions as required.  All participants work with a seasoned OCM Coach-mentor who specialises in working with Business Partners – this coach-mentoring helps participants to apply the learning to their unique context and allows them to explore their own personal challenges in a safe, stimulating and supportive environment.

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