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Diane Newell

Diane Newell

Managing Director, OCM Discovery

Email: [email protected] Telephone: 44 (0) 1869 338989

Diane Newell is the Managing Director of OCM Discovery. As a coach and a team coach she is passionate about creating freer choices and a greater sense of agency for her clients, working with strategic leaders to make sustainable transformations for them, for their teams and their organisations.

Diane has a real passion for coaching and mentoring as a tool for positive change in individuals and she leads a team at The OCM that shares her passion. She is a key part of the Board of the growing organisation.

Diane is an Engineer by background and worked across business from Logistics to Vacuum Engineering to Chemicals for The BOC Group. She led organisations in the US, and in Europe and worked as an Executive Board member and VP. 

Diane moved into consulting, running the European part of an international US-based consultancy, Blessing-White before leaving to set up her own coaching practice, Jericho Partners in 2000, joining The OCM in 2011 as a Director and Board member.

Diane is a Master Accredited Coach with the EMCC and has served as head of the EMCC in the UK.



Diane’s style is highly supportive and highly challenging.  Her clients appreciate her warmth and humour and value her curiosity, understanding and expertise in the leadership of change. 

Diane works to help leaders develop their impact authentically and is driven to give clients insight into their context, and the choices that they have and make them well. She particularly values working with leaders who are facing difficult changes, for themselves and for their organisation, and supporting leaders acting as change agents. 

Her focus of practice includes:

  • Transition and new role coaching for Senior leaders and Board Directors
  • Leadership Team Coach-Mentoring
  • Leadership Coach-Mentoring for Directors and Chief Executives working on leadership presence and effectiveness; providing a ‘sounding board’ for senior leaders to access informed support and challenge
  • Consulting with clients to ensure Coach-mentoring is used effectively to support organisational goals
Diane Newell

When I'm not at work

You will probably find Diane outdoors riding horses, watching rugby, hiking or working my allotment. Unless she is curled up on the sofa with a good book and a cuppa!