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Jackie Elliott

Jackie Elliott

Associate Coach-Mentor

Email: [email protected] Telephone: 44 (0) 1869 338989

Jackie believes in the potential of people to transform and grow to be their best. She has a way of looking at the world that makes sense to others and inspires people to find new and productive ways to achieve their goals.

Jackie brings extensive knowledge of how business operates and succeeds at local, national, and international level, having held multiple Executive Business Operations and HR Leadership positions, in the UK and EMEA.  Jackie has designed and delivered many multi-million-pound global productivity change and large-scale re-skilling programmes throughout her 30-year career in the IT sector.  She brings this experience and knowledge to her work as a coach and team coach across: IT, Construction, Retail, Financial Services, FMCG and the 3rd Sector. 

Jackie creates the space for learning for her clients, helping them navigate through uncertain, and often volatile situations, to clarify the changes needed and identify specific, clear strategies to define and execute improved performance. In her Team Coaching work Jackie instils improved working practices, leaving teams stronger and more capable to work together collaboratively and creatively.

Coaching Style

Clients describe her style as calm and perceptive, with the ability to balance support along with insightful challenge, sharpening their thinking and raising their understanding of how to perform at their best. 

Jackie leaves her clients with a greater knowledge of the impact they have on those around them, and on the wider system, to deliver and empower lasting change for themselves and others.

Committed to her own self-development Jackie enthusiastically seeks out new information, topics and skills, keeping herself abreast of the latest thinking and thought leadership. 

Areas of expertise include:

  • Transition and personal change
  • Team Coaching
  • Cultural Change and Organisational Development
  • Women in leadership.