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Alessandro De Giacomo

Alessandro De Giacomo

Associate Coach-Mentor

Email: [email protected] Telephone: 44 (0) 1869 338989

Alessandro De Giacomo, aka Alex, helps individuals and teams to overcome fear of change, enabling them to embrace VUCA realities with greater self-confidence and thus leading to high performances that are lived in alignment with authentic values.

Alex brings over 12 years of rich international life and corporate experiences, with roles & responsibilities in the IT and Telecoms industry stretching from Project Management to Global Account Management throughout EMEA.

Today he helps client organisations to elevate their best talents, by creating an environment where they are inspired to grow and develop new skills, evolving their potential on both a personal and professional level. For businesses, this leads to a better workplace, to higher performing teams and ultimately to attractive bottom-line results. 

On an individual level, executives and leaders will reap thriving results with stronger management capabilities and a greater sense of personal well-being too.


Alex have been described by clients as transformational, creative, challenging, enthusiastic, empathetic, and catalytic for change. His rich professional knowledge, combined with his ability to authentically connect with anyone and his dynamic energy, enables clients to be taken out of their comfort zone, to develop stronger self-confidence, and to enhance self-belief in their natural talent.

Clients can lean on Alex’s vast expertise with change, behavioural science, a broad range of systemic coaching approaches, design thinking methodologies, and even yoga and mindfulness techniques - for a truly holistic coaching experience.

Alessandro De Giacomo

When I'm not at work

Alex loves to discover the world and in doing so, he loves to immerse himself into photography and scuba diving in different seas and oceans. Locally, he volunteers for an environmental NGO by delivering a dedicated team coaching program that enhances the team’s “WeQ” potential and improves the effectiveness of their projects.