Strategic coach-mentoring consultancy

Improved organisational culture and strategic outcomes

Make a successful organisational or cultural behavioural shift.

Organisations often struggle to achieve return on investment in the time, effort and money invested in change initiatives. This is usually because investment has focused on clarifying strategic objectives and on creating new processes and structures without giving people the capabilities and support they need to drive change forward.

Some organisations simply don’t change fast enough, leaving themselves vulnerable to market forces, changing technology and changing regulatory environments. For people to make a successful behavioural and cultural shift, they need to have the tools and leadership to do so.

Do you recognise these challenges?

  • Change programmes which fail to deliver results.
  • Cultural factors which hold back the execution of your strategy.
  • A lack of diversity and inclusion in the workforce.
  • Struggling to attract and retain the right talent.
  • High levels of attrition in mission-critical roles.
  • Current coaching and mentoring not delivering on its original purpose, value or expectations.
  • Existing coaching and mentoring resources not well leveraged or need to respond to diminished resources.

    How can we help?

    Our expert consultants work with you to develop strategies and programmes that will develop the behaviours needed to make your organisation stronger, more capable and more adaptable.

    The first question we ask is “what do you want your people to be doing differently?”  Being clear on the change you wish to see is the most important first step.

    Then we find out what is getting in the way of them doing that right now – and what will enable them to make the change.

    We use this insight to design solutions which are focused on achieving the business results that you are seeking.

    The solutions will include a blend of coaching, mentoring, leadership development and process change – all linked to a clear understanding of your strategy and your business priorities.

    This ensures you’ll get the best return on your investment in coaching and mentoring.

    Here are some of the solutions we have delivered

    • Re-purposing coaching and mentoring in your organisation
    • Coaching and mentoring as enablers of fundamental change
    • Transition and new role coaching
    • Creation of a coaching culture
    • Developing and retaining talent in mission critical talent pools
    If you'd like to arrange an initial conversation to explore any of these areas, please contact Graham Clark or call the office to make an appointment.

    What is a coaching culture?

    In a coaching culture, most staff use a coaching approach in their daily life – with each other, and with external stakeholders and with customers. A true coaching culture is just ‘part of the way we do things around here’. But there’s also a hard edge to it.

    Do you want to improve your organisation?

    If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you solve your challenges, please get in touch to arrange a call with one of our experts.